5/24 Hamilton Match

Hey all, I have 3 things to address and rather than sending 3 separate emails im going to wrap them all into 1.

****1. We have our match THIS Sunday. Stages have been up for a bit, and Carrie was just able to get online registration AND payment up and going. Were trying to work out all the bugs before Julys big match. So if you can, try it out and give us some feedback.

Set up will be Saturday 5/23, lets start at 4pm. As usual, it will probably be 2-3 hours and we’ll be out of there! Hope to see you guys there !
****2. Many have asked about becoming an RO. I just got notice that Billings is holding a class the end of the year. Its as close as your going to find one. See the info below for contact info to get signed up.

Hello all!

MCAS will be hosting a USPSA Range Officer (RO) class in Billings! It isn’t until October 31-November 1, but we need to have a minimum of 20 participants to make this happen. If we don’t have 20 by August 15th, we may have to cancel.

Please forward to anyone who may be interested!

Who should take this class:YOU! If you are getting this email, and not already a USPSA certified Range officer, this class is for you!Anyone who has shot at least one USPSA action pistol match by the time the RO class is scheduledYou do NOT have to be a highly skilled shooter – just a shooter who wants to learn the sport better, and help out your clubWhy should YOU take this class: Learn the rules and methods of scoring – this can help you to be able to score more points in a matchWe are an ALL volunteer run organization – becoming an RO will give you another avenue to support your club. Your club needs your help to run matchesRO at level II or Level III matches, Section matches, Area 1, or Nationals. Some match directors at large matches offer perks, like reduced or free match registration fees, and help to cover other costsDetails: Class will run all day on October 31st (approximately 8 AM-5 PM) and the morning of November 1st, ending about noonClass fee: Early registration (before August 1st): $60. After August 1st: $80Application is on our website at: magiccityactionshooters.org/newsChecks made out to Tami Waite Address:-Tami Waite
****3. Missoula forwarded this info and asked me to pass it along.

In other news, after 19 years (I think), Paul Minor has decided to step down as president of the Big Sky Practical Shooters. He will continue on the board. Make sure to say thank you when you see him. There will be a complete newsletter in the near future, but my laptop is no more, and I am traveling, and teaching at the Montana law Enforcement Academy for a few weeks. I look forward to seeing you on Sunday. Nate Martin TY37009

I believe that its for now. Hope to see you all Saturday and Sunday !!!!

Tim Thomas

Bitterroot Blasters

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