4/24 Hamilton USPSA pistol match

Hey all, its time again for our monthly pistol match this SUNDAY!!! Registration and stages have been up for a few weeks now. If you would please pre register that would be great, It sure makes management of the match much easier !!! www.Bitterrootblasters.org if you don’t already have it bookmarked.

We’re going to give the “morning of set up” another try as it worked well last match. We are making a few slight tweaks after the initial attempt last month. Set up will start at 8 am. Anyone there prior to 8AM, we will have you sign the sign up sheet, and discount the match fee to $15 for you. If your there after 8am, we will still need help setting up but there will not be a discounted fee. There was some confusion last month over this. Well register, look over stages and start shooting once set up is finished, which should be between 9 and 10 am.

Remember to mark your calendars as well for Roby Harveys Salmon Multigun on 4/30.

Thanks and well see you Sunday !!!

Tim Thomas
Bitterroot Blasters

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