Hamilton USPSA Club Match 10/25 this Sunday

Well, its bitter sweet but this weekends match is the last one this year. Stages should be up shortly, but round count is 137.

As for set up, with the end of the year blues we’ve all had, here is what has been proposed. Multiple people suggested set up ideas to me at the last match. The one that came up more than once was this. Set up the day of the match prior to the match. Many of you expressed that you’d be willing to come down 30-45 min early to help set up. This also eliminates my local set up crew loosing both their Saturday and Sunday on match weekends. Multiple clubs in Idaho use this method and have good results.

SO we are going to give this a try. I need everyone attending the match to show up by 8:30. We will break into 5 groups and every group gets a stage. Set up with 4-6 people per stage should be done in less than 30 minutes. then we will have from 9-9:45 to register, and look over the other 4 stages you did not help set up. Well have a quick meeting at 10 and get to shooting.

Thank you all for your patience and your participation with the end of the year matches !!!

Tim Thomas

Bitterroot Blasters

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